• quarantine-month-one

    Thoughts on Quarantine: Month One

    We’re beginning month 2 of the quarantine because of COVID-19. All non-essential businesses have closed. I’ve been furloughed from my part-time job, still working my full-time job. I’ve experienced every single emotion known to man during the past month, many coming in all over the course of 24 hours. A roller coaster of emotions and feels. I’m home alone, my boyfriend Bryan is at his home (his parents home), although we do see each other on occasion. I think my 4 cats and 1 dog are completely over me being home at this point, and probably think I’ve been laid off for good. We still don’t know when things will…

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    Get To Know Me

    Ah, it feels good to be back writing again. Because it has been a little while, I figured I should let this post be our chance to get to know each other. Sound good? Good.   Name | Kimberly, but everyone calls me Kim. Kimberrleigh is my social media across everything, but since I let my old domain lapse, this blog is under my second handle, Kimberrleighlynn. It’s just a play on spelling of my real name. Age | 28 Location | Memphis, TN I live in East Memphis, which is a great suburb of the city. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, moved to Memphis when I was…