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    How To: Land an Internship

    I tend to have friends several years older than me and several years younger than me. Most likely because I always wanted to fit in with my older sister, but still wanted to be a kid and play with the younger kids. This has transformed as an adult into seeking the advice of those wiser than me, and wanting to help the next generation not make the same mistakes I did. So in my effort to reboot my blog (again), I’m going to do a little How To series where I share actual, IRL advice that can help you in different areas of your life. A little backstory on this…

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    Crossing off my 30 before 30 List

    You’ve probably seen the 30 before 30 list twenty-something bloggers make. These bucket list items that we think ‘By 30, I want to accomplish X’. Goal setting is extremely important, and it’s one thing I’m trying to get better at. Not just saying ‘I want to make lots of money’, but actually putting a plan around it. But that’s another post for another time. What I want to share with you is this, my 30 before 30 list (which isn’t actually 30 items because I guess I wasn’t creative enough). I found this the other day while cleaning out my desk at work. I had too many files and papers…