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Broken record, coming at you. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words on Monday’s blog post. For anyone out there in a similar boat, just know I’m in your corner and I’m here for you!

So aside from the financial life update that was Monday’s post, I figured it’s been a while so I should fill you in on some things happening in and around my life as of late.

Rocket Raccoon isn’t that cute

Two weeks ago, I heard some scratching on the one corner of my roof. We have stray cats, so I thought it may have been one sharpening it’s claws. Cut to now… a Wildlife guy has trapped the Momma raccoon and released her far into the forest north of Memphis. I heard the babies in the attic, which I thought was only 1 at the time. The one ended up falling in between the wall and my chimney, and I was able to rescue it through an access door in my bedroom. I put the baby (a few months old) in an empty Rubbermaid tub and made sure there were holes for air, but it was sealed tight and left the tub with the raccoon in my spare bathtub.

The Wildlife guy came and got the baby on Sunday, and went up and looked around but didn’t see anymore in there. He told us to listen, mark on the ceiling where we hear anymore and he’d come back out to try and trap them. We’ve heard at least one more up there Sunday and Monday night, so we marked it.

Last night, I was lying in my hammock in the backyard because it was gorgeous outside. I happened to glance over by my shed and what did I see, but a baby raccoon squawking away. I approached slowly, and was able to trap it and put it in another spare Rubbermaid tote I had in my shed (hoarding pays off people!). Fingers crossed this is the last one, and next week we can start working on getting the hole fixed so no more critters take up residence in my house.

Thinking Pink

Sadly, because of my financial situation and this sudden and emergency raccoon situation, I had to cancel my plans to head out to Bristol for our statewide sorority convention day. I was honored to receive the Think Pink Award and I’m so sad I had to miss out! We had our 11th Think Pink Luncheon on March 30th and it was a great success. I’m so excited to hear what our final numbers are. Last year we raised just over $40,000.. so fingers crossed it’s more than that!

Workin’ on my fitness

Peaceful lake in the springtime in Tennessee

Along with getting my fiances in order, I’m trying to get my overall health in order too. That is a struggle in itself, let me tell you. I’ve been meal prepping for Bryan and I the past few weeks. I’m also working on getting and staying hydrated, around 120oz of water per day. Yes, that does mean I’m going to the bathroom constantly.

Yesterday, I took a walk around the lake we have on our campus at work while listening to the Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis. I know for some she’s hit or miss, but I love her and her messages. If you’re working on your health, super recommend giving this episode a listen. Nothing she says is groundbreaking info of course, but it’s presented in such a way that really makes me kick myself in the butt and get into gear.

KonMari this B***

Just like almost every person ever who has Netflix, I too watched the Marie Kondo show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I actually read her book a few years ago and loved it, I’ve been file folding my t-shirts ever since. But watching it inspired me to go through my things again. I’ve edited down clothing for the most part, but papers and just clutter specifically in my office is driving me insane. So this week/weekend, I’m going to purge the office of everything non-essential (there’s two random beer bottle caps on my desk y’all… why???) and also I’m going to tackle my master bathroom + linen closet. The master bath is in dire need of a deep clean, so send me prayers and those surgical masks they wear when there’s a SARS outbreak.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to hear the follow ups in the Raccoon Saga 2k19! Let me know in the comments what’s been going on in your world!

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