I’m back!

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Well well well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I took a big long break from blogging for about a year? Two years? The blogging bug has bitten me again. This time, I’ve got a new name – pro tip: don’t let your “brand” lapse or else some random Chinese company will hold your domain hostage. Ooops.

I’m excited to get back to writing posts each week. I don’t know what schedule I’ll have, but hopefully as I map out the content I want to do this week, I can have that better sorted out.

For now, I can tell you that I’ve done quite a bit of work personally on myself in this absence and I want to share what I’ve learned from the mounds of self-help books I’ve read. I feel called to share my knowledge with the world and maybe hopefully someone out there will resonate with it.

I have travels coming up and I want to share pictures and all my adventures with the world.

I’ve also been streaming on Twitch, again, need to figure out a better schedule with that. But I hope to share some tech and video game thoughts with the world.

And just all around life stuff. I’ve been inspired by some amazing bloggers lately who are sharing such great messages, and I want and need to get back into this awesome space!

Look for a new “getting to know me” post later this week! Can’t wait to (re)connect with you! 🙂

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