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    5 Ways I’m Saving Money in 2019

    It can be extremely hard to cut back to almost zero when you’re trying to save money and pay off debt like I am currently. You just want to go and buy all of the things, with all of the money you don’t have. And that’s a problem. As I’ve looked at my budget, my spending patterns and my lifestyle, I’ve come up with 5 easy ways I’m saving some money this year. You’ll probably read these and go ‘duh’, but they may spark some ideas for you! Library Books – Did y’all know there is this place, it’s like Amazon, but you can get as many books to read…

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    Starting My #DebtFree Journey

    I won’t lie to you. This is the most humbling, terrifying, exposing thing I will ever put on the Internet. Ever. There’s a large part of me that says “don’t do it. You’ll mess up future employment, friends will judge you, family will be angry at you.” So I’ve been staring at this editor for a few hours, just thinking. Chances are, I won’t even think of a catchy SEO title for this post until I’m just about to send it. Some information before I share what you really came here to see. I’m 28 years old, I will be 29 in June. I have a Bachelor of Science degree…