Adult Braces Journey Vol. 1

kimberrleighlynn adult braces

Now that I’m rebooting the blog, I figured I’d share with you some updates in my personal life. Next month, I’m getting braces put on. Yes, metal, full mouth braces as an adult. I’m equally terrified and excited.

Back in I think 5th grade I had the top 6 teeth with metal braces on, so I remember how they feel and operate but I never experienced an entire mouth. There’s a few reasons I’m getting braces now, at near 30 years old. Firstly, I sucked my thumb until I was about 6 years old (embarrassing, I know) which has left me with a pretty large overbite. Secondly, I’m starting to get a sizeable gap between two of my front teeth (not the front teeth, off to the side of one of them). Third, I was never born with a tooth on my bottom row of teeth, which has made my bottom teeth shift to the right more than they should.

Enjoy these beautiful before pictures I took before bed the other night. And yes, I have many, many cavities.

The plan.

The plan, as I understand it is to straighten the top row, and pull it in to fix the overbite. We’ll pull the bottom row apart to make a gap which will allow for an implant to be installed. Once the space is big enough, I’ll get a fake tooth attached to a brace so a gap isn’t noticeable, get the implant installed, let that heal, then get the permanent crown onto the implant.

One thing I don’t know yet, is how long this entire process will take. I’m betting on 18 months, possibly 2 years. This makes me kind of miserable of course, but I know the end goal will be worth it.

This is also going to be a costly process, the braces alone are going to be about $3,327. I’m opting for clear brackets so that was an additional $700, but I feel as an adult, this will make it easier on me and my confidence. The other fun part? The implant will cost just about as much. So I hope it takes the rest of the year into next January before I have to start the implant process, so I can elect more money into my FSA to pay for these procedures.

Also I’ve had people ask why not Invisalign?? My orthodontist said because of the amount of work we have to do, they won’t be optimal for it. Especially in fixing my larger overbite. So yes, had Invisalign been an option I would have gone for that.

Once I get the braces on in March, I want to document it weekly on here so I can see my journey. I’m sure most of the first month will be me complaining of pain, and with each adjustment it will be more pain. But Tylenol is my friend, and we will hold onto each other tight.

Did you get braces as an adult? Any advice for me? 😬

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