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Crossing off my 30 before 30 List

You’ve probably seen the 30 before 30 list twenty-something bloggers make. These bucket list items that we think ‘By 30, I want to accomplish X’. Goal setting is extremely important, and it’s one thing I’m trying to get better at. Not just saying ‘I want to make lots of money’, but actually putting a plan around it. But that’s another post for another time.

What I want to share with you is this, my 30 before 30 list (which isn’t actually 30 items because I guess I wasn’t creative enough). I found this the other day while cleaning out my desk at work. I had too many files and papers and just stuff that I knew I didn’t need.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am a stationary and notebook hoarder. I love different sizes and styles of notebooks and very rarely do I ever fill up an entire notebook before being ready to crack open another. So as I was flipping through some I had in my desk cabinets, just to see if there was anything important I might have wanted to keep before recycling them, I found this. I don’t know when it was from. My guess, based on dated pages before this was sometime in 2013. I was 23 years old, 7 years away from 30. I had just moved to Memphis a year prior, blogging occasionally (somethings never change) and living alone in my apartment with two cats at the time. As I read down the list, I started to tear up.

I’ve accomplished a lot since this list was created. Somethings on it, like running marathons, I’ve realized I will never do, but there are somethings I still want to do, like visit Europe again. So I just wanted to take some time and highlight what I have accomplished well before I turn 30 (June 2020, by the way!). And everything was accomplished not even realizing or remembering I had made a list in the first place.

  • Go to California – I think I made this at the top because I had known already that I was going in 2014. In 2014, I went to San Francisco for 3 days to just explore and then to LA for about a week for my sorority’s biannual convention. I went to San Francisco again in 2016 with my sister, Connie, for several days. I found my happy place in San Francisco, at the Sutro Baths and feeling that cool breeze on my skin. I definitely want to get back again in the next few years.
  • Buy a home – I don’t think I realized at the time how important this goal was for me. In May of 2016, I closed and purchased my first home, by myself – well, mostly. I had the help of my family for down payments of course but I pay my mortgage and bills by myself. This home is warm and simple but my sanctuary. This year I plan on hiring some landscapers to come in and clean up the front/back yards, because they’ve gotten a little unruly but I’m still so happy here.
  • Ask for a raise – I believe it was 2015 when I asked for a promotion (which came with a pay raise) and got it. I’m currently working on my second one, where I will become a Senior level employee and I’m fairly certain I’ll get it this year. Also, expect a post on career goals/growth sometime soon-ish.
  • Adopt a Welsh Corgi – Booker came into my life in November of 2016. I wasn’t looking for him, but he was a stray and as soon as I saw the post I knew I needed him in my life. He’s definitely a mix, and we’re not sure what he’s mixed with but his personality is definitely majority corgi. I love that silly dog so much, and he brings joy to everyone else he meets too.
  • Pay off my car loan – Thanks to tax refunds, I was able to get this done about 6 months ahead of schedule. I now own my car, and it feels so nice. Once it stops raining for more than 3 days, I plan on getting it fully detailed because the inside especially has gotten a little yucky.
  • Visit NYC – Part of my job at work involves traveling, and I was lucky enough to be able to travel to New York (Long Island, specifically) for some work sessions I facilitate. I also padded two days onto my trip so I could go to New York City. I stayed in a two bedroom Airbnb (there was another random guy staying at the same time, but I never had any issue) and I went to One World Trade Center and visited the 9/11 Memorial, Rockefeller center, Times Square. Basically all the touristy stuff I could cram into 2 days. I want to go back, maybe next time in the spring season.
  • Buy a nice, big TV – Okay, this one was with the help of my parents. But my previous TVs were around like 32 inches. I realize that isn’t small, but now I have I think a 48 inch TV and it’s very nice. One day I’ll go even bigger. 🙂
  • Pay for someone at Starbucks – I’ve been in those drive thru lines many times where it’s a chain of paying. The person in front of me pays for me, I pay for the person behind me, etc. I always feel guilty if I’d be the one to stop that chain so if it happens, I never say no. It also puts a smile on the employees faces and makes them feel good too!
  • Buy a real dining table – Again, this was help from family. My Grandfather passed away in 2014, and with that came us clearing out and selling their home. I inherited their dining set, along with the buffet and china cabinet. It isn’t exactly my style, but I don’t even know if I have a dining room style. But the fact that it was my grandparents makes me proud to have it put to use in my home.

Some things that haven’t been accomplished yet, like host a holiday party, I still absolutely want to do and I have time before 30 to do it! Of course there have been things I’ve done (dated and in a relationship with a great man), places I’ve gone (Waco, TX, Tampa, FL, Domincan Republic) and things I’ve experienced (becoming a Nouna, a godmother, to my friend Cassie’s son) that weren’t on that original list.

And there’s things that I could have never planned for. 2016 was a big year for me going and doing things, and it was also the year I suffered from a venous sinus thrombosis – a stroke in my brain. I’ve made a very close to full recovery, sometimes I still struggle with memory loss. I had a neighbors tree fall on my house and had to have part of my roof reconstructed. Most recently, last month, my water heater died.

But overall, life has been good in the past 5 years since I wrote that original list. Without even realizing it, I was achieving my goals. So what does the next year and a half look like before I turn 30? No idea, but I’m excited to find out! What’s on your bucket list? Do you even make a bucket list?

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