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    Adult Braces Journey Vol. 1

    Now that I’m rebooting the blog, I figured I’d share with you some updates in my personal life. Next month, I’m getting braces put on. Yes, metal, full mouth braces as an adult. I’m equally terrified and excited. Back in I think 5th grade I had the top 6 teeth with metal braces on, so I remember how they feel and operate but I never experienced an entire mouth. There’s a few reasons I’m getting braces now, at near 30 years old. Firstly, I sucked my thumb until I was about 6 years old (embarrassing, I know) which has left me with a pretty large overbite. Secondly, I’m starting to…

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    How To: Land an Internship

    I tend to have friends several years older than me and several years younger than me. Most likely because I always wanted to fit in with my older sister, but still wanted to be a kid and play with the younger kids. This has transformed as an adult into seeking the advice of those wiser than me, and wanting to help the next generation not make the same mistakes I did. So in my effort to reboot my blog (again), I’m going to do a little How To series where I share actual, IRL advice that can help you in different areas of your life. A little backstory on this…